What if I was wrong and no one cared to mention?



Russell Brand telling Westboro Baptist what’s up.

i completely lost my shit laughing at this

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tune in tonight for another episode of “is he cute or just tall? am I lowering my standards out of desperation? am I doomed to roam the earth as a lonely, unloved wretch for eternity? would I fuck a 30 year old? would I fuck a broke 30 year old?”

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what’s cute aggression called when you just want to fuck somebody because they’re so god damn hot? because that’s where i’m at right now.

Fuckin I’m so mad at Ricki Hall for being so hot. Be hot and fuck me or be nothing.

Listen tumblr. I don’t want to watch the Emmys. I just want 100,000 gifs of Aaron Paul being Aaron Paul and to know how many Breaking Bad wins (hint: it should be all of them because I mean COME ON.) Think you can handle that, tumblr?

I am struggling again and I don’t know why and I fucking hate it.


when u try to tell ur friends a pun


Or any joke ever. I’m not allowed to tell jokes anymore.

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